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I’m absolutely thrilled to bits that JOFFE BOOKS have now re-published seven sagas from my Devonshire series with beautiful, brand new covers and many under revised titles. For various reasons, they haven’t been re-issued in the right order, so I’m delighted to announce that the original two stories are now re-available, so readers can now start at the beginning and work their way through. Although each book can be read alone, there is a thread running through them, with characters from earlier tales re-appearing in either a minor or sometimes pivotal role in the new story, so that readers can see what has happened to them in the meantime.

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The series begins with The Harbour Master’s Daughter, previously Morwellham’s Child, and is based on the Victorian history of Morwellham Quay, said to have been the greatest copper port in Queen Victoria’s Empire, and a living history museum since 1970s. The years between 1867 and 1872 saw a massive upheaval at the quay, and as the harbour master’s daughter, the heroine’s life is inextricably linked with the fate of this picturesque village on the banks of the River Tamar.

Book Two, The River Girl, is set on nearby Dartmoor, and illustrates what life might have held on an isolated, ramshackle farmstead up on the wilds of the moor in Victorian times. It’s a very dark story, for what unsavoury secrets could be hidden behind doors in such remote locations? Farmers scraped a living from the poor land, and farming went hand in hand with mining – hence the link with the previous tale.


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Just re-released, both these novels have received astounding reviews in their re-inevented forms. One reviewer described The Harbour Master’s Daughter as ‘an unforgettable saga, rich in passion, intensity and drama’. I’m sure you will find this is true of each story in the series, all of which are available on Amazon, mostly at 99p or free on Kindle Unlimited, with paperbacks also available. The correct order of the next titles is: The Gunpowder Girl, The Quarry Girl, The Railway Girl, The Wheelwright Girl and The Ambulance Girl, taking the characters through to the First World War and beyond.

Tania Crosse was born in London, but at a young age, moved to Surrey where her love of the countryside took root. She wanted to be an author since childhood, but after obtaining a degree in French Literature, life took over. It wasn’t until her children were older that she began writing seriously. She has now had published nine historical novels set on her beloved Dartmoor, while The Street of Broken Dreams, the last of four Twentieth Century sagas set in London and the south east, won Best Saga in the 2020 awards of the Romantic Novelists’ Association. Two of her Devon titles have obtained Best Selling status on Amazon.


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