SAGA SATURDAY!! Welcome Pocket Novel writer, Linda Tyler...

A big thank you to Rachel for featuring me on her blog today. I’ve had a number of short stories published in magazines and anthologies, but I’m delighted to have my first novel see the light of day.  
Revenge of the Spanish Princess is a swashbuckling romantic adventure set in the Mediterranean and Cornwall in the late 1600s. In this Golden Age of Piracy, Captain Cate battles storm, shipwreck and the charming pirate Lovett across the high seas.

I read a wide variety of books, but historical novels are my favourite. My young teenage self found a novel by Georgette Heyer in a corner shop in south London and it opened a world of adventure and romance. When decades later I decided to write my own novel, it had to be in this genre. I knew I wanted a strong heroine and, as I’m fascinated by ships and water, the idea came to me of a female privateer who was as brave as man but still essentially feminine.
In 2018 Revenge of the Spanish Princess won a Romance Writers of America competition for the beginning of an historical novel. The win gave me the boost I needed to finish writing the book.   
Last year I joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association. At their summer conference I met Maggie Swinburne, Editor at DC Thomson’s My Weekly Pocket Novels. At her suggestion, I reworked part of the novel and shortly afterwards she offered me a contract.
I’m currently working on two further books: one a Regency romantic adventure and the other a romance set in 1950s rural Scotland. I’m excited that both novels are nearing completion.

More about Revenge of the Spanish Princess
A story of revenge and love in 1695 in the Mediterranean and Cornwall.
When her beloved father dies with the name Lovett on his lips, privateer captain Cate Trelawny vows revenge on the mysterious pirate. Searching for him across the Mediterranean, she is charmed by the personable Henry Darley. But Cate finds her plan goes awry when Darley and Lovett turn out to be the same man. Cate and Henry set sail across the high seas battling terrifying storm, deadly shipwreck, dissolute corsairs - and each other.

Revenge of the Spanish Princess is a My Weekly Pocket Novel published by DC Thomson. It will be available in supermarkets and newsagents from 30th April, or it can be bought by phoning DC Thomson’s sales team on 0800 318 846.

More about me
Linda Tyler was born in London. She moved progressively north until settling with her husband in a village on the edge of the Scottish Highlands.  She has kept chickens, bred dogs and raised children.  
A former legal academic and practitioner specialising in child law, Linda runs self-catering holiday accommodation, sings in a local choir and is walked daily by her dog.

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