Edwardian Women & Their Struggles...

When I started writing the Pennington's series, I was very clear on what the theme would be - female empowerment. Little did I know how much this feeling of progression and women breaking free would consume me!

Every time I sit down in front of my computer, a sense of my heroine's frustration and belief in right and wrong really gets hold of me and I've found writing this series immensely enjoyable and motivating.

In the early 20th century, life was beginning to change for women in many ways but the biggest undercurrent seems to have been one of female unity.That women suddenly realised the power of coming together for a common cause. In a male-dominated world, it was hard (if not impossible) for a single woman's voice to be heard... whether inside or outside of the home.

Yet, things did begin to change...

In each of the Pennington's books, I have taken a women's issue and made it the central focus of the story and, at the same time, in keeping with the overall theme of the series. Book 1 (A Shop Girl In Bath) I tackle women in business, book 2 (A Shop Girl Gets The Vote) is about women's suffrage and the fight for the vote. Book 3 (A Shop Girl's Christmas) tackles divorce from a female perspective in 1911 and book 4 (A Shop Girl At Sea) is about survival and a woman's right to find her own path, whatever that might be.

During my research, I read hundreds of real-life stories of Edwardian women who had broken barriers in aviation, women's suffrage, medicine, fashion and many other areas that were deemed 'male'. Sometimes, my books are criticised for being 'unrealistic' as far as my heroines ambitions and achievements are concerned. This doesn't bother me as I know enough, have read enough, to know many, many women borne of the Victorian and Edwardian age held the same passion and conviction for change as we do today and I am more than happy to keep cheering them on via my writing!

Happy Reading!

Rachel x

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