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Many thanks Rachel for inviting me to Saga Saturday.

If anyone had told me when I was young that I’d get to be an author, I would have laughed and told them they were mad. People from my background don’t ever get to do that, though on reflection I had always told stories, written scripts and organised my amazed friends into appearing in one of my plays.

So time marched on and to some extent I still feel it’s all a bit surreal. Like a lot of you, I get paid for writing stories and perhaps like me, you sometimes wonder when they’re going to find you out. After all, you’re doing something you love rather than any onerous chore.

I’ve written across many genres to a total of over fifty books and had my own newspaper column for many years. As a lot of you know, I have also had a number of pseudonyms.

Today I am Jean Moran and the first book under that name is entitled Tears of the Dragon. It’s very gritty far removed from the cosiness of Home Front sagas set firmly in the UK touching on, as it does, the horrors of the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong on Christmas Day, 1941 and culminating in the suffering caused by the atomic bomb in 1945.

If I’m honest, I’ve never been that interested in romantic novels unless they’re set against big historical events; e.g. Gone With The Wind or The Far Pavillions. Whilst trying not to sound too stuffy and dry, I’ve always had an interest in the military and political aspects of war – also the terrible slaughter, trying to understand the reasons – though most of the time failing miserably.

Doctor Rowena Rossiter, an obstetrician, is caught up in the attack. She has also become an obsessive interest for a local opium crime lord and an Irish sergeant named Connor.

The story follows Rowena and Connor in their bid to survive a world that is burning around them, the atrocities, the glimmer of hope amidst the fear.

They’re separated, Rowena is raped by Japanese soldiers and becomes pregnant. At first it’s difficult to accept the child born of this horror, but with time she adopts a more pragmatic and caring attitude. There’s a new world to build following the dropping of the bomb when she is sent to care for its victims.

I’m pleased to say Italian rights have been sold and that the sequel, Summer of the Three Pagodas, set partly in Korea during its terrible war, comes out in March.

I’m on Facebook and Twitter, sometimes on Linked In. Haven’t got round to Instagram yet.

Please note I am always happy to help budding authors. Questions and queries are welcome. The giving and receiving of advice is a two way street that satisfies both the giver and the taker. Creativity is something to be shared and encouraged.


A sweeping, exotic historical saga for fans of Dinah Jefferies.

One sultry evening in Kowloon, Dr Rowena Rossiter and Sister Alice Huntley are off-duty and in search of fun – little knowing that their world is on the brink of collapse.
That night, Rowena will meet two men who will fight for her heart for the next four years. Connor O'Connor, the rebellious Irish soldier, who will woo and then lose her, and Kim Pheloung. Immensely rich and the most beautiful man Rowena has ever seen, he is also the most ruthless, with a sinister need to possess and control.
When the Japanese invasion leaves this previously strong and independent woman raped and broken, who will succeed in claiming Rowena's body and soul? And will she ever learn to love the child born of that terrible Christmas Day?

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