My 5 Key Habits to Live My Best Life...

I was recently asked a question in an interview that initially threw me and then allowed me to pause for thought...

Q: What are your five key habits to ensure you are living your best life?

Isn't that a great question to consider? It certainly made me question my habits and how they are serving me!

So, after much deliberation, here are mine:

1) I purposely set my alarm half an hour earlier every day so I can have a cup of tea and a read in bed each morning.

2) I protect my writing time as it is not only my job, but something that completely fulfils me

3) I practise yoga which, for me, is so much more beneficial to my mental health than physical

4) I knit while watching my favourite TV shows - this is my absolute favourite way to relax!

5) I spend as much time outdoors with my dog as possible - as a writer, I spent HOURS indoors so when I get outside with Tyler, I immediately relax and breathe. I especially love crisp, sunny winter days and warm, sunny summer days! The sun is SO important to living my best life...

Okay, there's mine - what are yours??

Rachel x

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