Welcome fellow Aria Fiction author, Lisa Hobman...

Hi Lisa! Love welcoming fellow Aria Fiction authors to my blog and I can't wait to hear your answers to my probing questions, lol! Wish you much success and sales with your latest release, A SUMMER OF NEW BEGINNINGS. Let's get started...

1.)              What is the strangest talent you have?

I wouldn’t say it’s strange as such but I sing. I’ve been in several bands over the years and I’ve performed on TV (Stars in Their Eyes as Alanis Morissette in the 90s) and I’ve performed at a music festival in Scotland with my trio Brodman.

That's fantastic! My daughter and husband are the singers in our house :)

2.)              What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

Once, many years ago me, my hubby and our two best friends had a mini Halloween party. It sounds silly but we all dressed up on the spur of the moment and had the best time. I was Elvira. I still have photos somewhere!

3.)              Are the titles of your books important?

For me they are. They can be the initial hook for a reader. They’re intrigued by a title, drawn in by the cover and then, hopefully caught completely by the ‘blurb’.

4.)              If you’re struggling with a scene or difficult character, what methods help you through it?

I always find that taking a break is the best way to alleviate writer’s block. A walk or some music, perhaps. But something unrelated to what I’m writing so my mind is free to escape for a while.

Ditto! Walking the dog is usually my release...

5.)              Do you prefer dog, cats or none of the above?

Sadly I’m allergic to cats so I’m very much a dog person. I have two: A huge Labrador Alsatian cross breed called Marley and a little black Patterdale Terrier called Ruby. Ruby is definitely the boss regardless of her small stature!

My chocolate Lab, Tyler is definitely my third baby!

6.)              Who’s your favourite author? Why?

That’s so difficult to answer because it changes. I can shortlist a few though! Heidi Swain because her books are so warm and cosy, Lulu Taylor for her evocative prose, Lisa Jewell because she was the first author whose work I couldn’t get enough of and Ann Cleeves because she conjures up such vivid imagery in her work.

7.)              Do you have a pet peeve?

I have several! The main ones being home related: people not flattening a towel out on the towel rail so it dries properly. The loo roll not being replaced is a big one! As for writing, the incorrect use of certain words is like nails down a chalkboard to me. My hubby calls me the grammar police but, honestly I’m in no way perfect where my own work is concerned!

Lordy, we share two of the same pet peeves - the towel & loo roll, lol!

8.)              Do you remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning?

Sometimes! I have some very bizarre ones. I usually post them on my social media to give others a giggle. Seriously there have been some corkers!

Author bio:

Back in 2014 I had the huge honour of being shortlisted in the Romantic Novelists Association, Romance Novel of the Year - Contemporary Romance Category (RoNA), for my debut novel Bridge Over the Atlantic. This book was re-published in 2017 when I signed a four book deal with Aria Fiction. The new title is A Seaside Escape and the new version has been very well received. 

I'm a happily married mum of one with two energetic dogs who make cameo appearances in some of my books. I love writing and creating new characters and now have the pleasure of writing almost full time.

In 2012 my family and I relocated from England to our favourite place in the world, Scotland, and we are now happily ensconced in village life. The stunning location was the inspiration for my writing career and so it's only right that it features in all of my books.

Writing has always been something I've enjoyed, although in the past it has centered on poetry and song lyrics; some of which appear in my stories. But to now be a published author is a real dream come true.

I'm loving being signed to UK publisher Aria Fiction - an imprint of award winning Head of Zeus and I have many more books in the pipeline! You can follow me over at Facebook.  

A Summer of New Beginnings Blurb:

The stunning new story from the bestselling author of What Becomes of the Broken Hearted. Perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond, Sarah Morgan and Holly Martin.
Meet Zara Bailey, a travel writer paid to cover some of the globe's most luxurious locations. Jetting from wooden huts on stilts in turquoise seas to boutique hotels with roaring fires to 7* penthouse suites with panoramic views of the world's most glamorous cities... Zara knows hers is the definition of a dream job!
So she is seriously shocked to receive her next assignment; Scotland's Northcoast 500 route. By bicycle. Sleeping in a tent so basic it can't remotely be dressed up as glamping!
But this could be just the distraction the recently heartbroken Zara needs. No men, no romance, just the breathtakingly rugged Highland scenery. Until she meets croft owner Lachlan Grant, and his black and white Border Collie Bess, that is...
Praise for Lisa Hobman:

'Heartwarming and uplifting' Heidi Swain.

'This is a story to fall in love with, a triumph of love over loss, hope over heartache and ultimately a tale that will lift your spirits and leave you smiling at the end!' Faith Hogan.

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