IT'S GUEST AUTHOR SATURDAY!! Welcome romantic comedy author Sasha Lane...

 Hi, Sasha! It is so nice to meet you and welcome you to my blog - I am looking forward to learning more about you and your latest release IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE. Let's kick off with my questions...

1.)                What genre do you typically read? Why?

I read a mixture of chick lit/romantic comedies and Crime/Thrillers, sometimes true crime in non fiction. I love both genres – Chick Lit/Rom Com’s because I love the easy reading escapism, and I am usually able to associate with the main characters, something I try to replicate in my own books. Crime and Thrillers because this is a real passion of mine. In my thirties, I studied for, and gained, a BA Honors degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I find the whole topic fascinating.

2.)                Share a favourite childhood memory.

I remember sitting in my local library when I was about five or six, reading George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl, with my mother. My first incite to his books, and the beginning of my addiction to Roald Dahl’s stories. He is, in my opinion, the best storyteller. I have read, and re read many times, his entire collection, and I was captivated from the beginning.

3.)                Do you have any shameless addictions? ie. Tea, Books, Shoes, Clothes?

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! I have, what some would consider, a large collection. I only ever buy interesting shoes. I don’t own any plain shoes; they are all conversation worthy! I blame this on my Italian heritage – it may be a couple of generations back, but my love of shoes never waivers.

4.)                What do you think is the biggest challenge of writing a new book?

Two things – trusting yourself that your idea is one that is worthy of exploring, and secondly, actually typing the first chapter and putting it out there, even if it is only for yourself to see. I always write my last chapter first – this helps me focus on where I am aiming for, plus I always know how I want the book to end before I start.

5.)                Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages a day?

I try to write each day when I’m working on a project, but I don’t like to set daily targets. For me, it’s quality over quantity. There’s no point in forcing yourself to write 1,000 words, only to delete 500 the next day because they don’t feel right. Some days I will wite 200 words, other days it’s 2,000. It really depends on my mood.

6.)                What are your thoughts on writing a book series?

I have written a four book series, and then my latest book is a standalone. I really enjoyed writing the series. I always wanted to develop the main character further than just one book. I’m not sure at the time that I envisaged a four book series, but as I wrote, I liked the fact that the books followed the character through about 10 years of her life which was great to develop her as she faced different life challenges.  


 What if you could live in a different country for four weeks?

What if you could live a different life for four weeks?

That’s what this was supposed to be. Four weeks of sun, sea, and cocktails.

I wasn’t supposed to fall in love.

Do I go back to my old life, or risk starting a brand new one?

Does that really happen in real life, or just in the movies?

Life can change in an instant though. After all, it only takes a minute…

Praise for Sasha Lane:

Superb author Sasha Lane has the wonderful ability to write and portray her characters like everyday people making it easier to connect with them. – Amazon Review

Sasha, your books have seen me through this part of the pandemic with a lighter heart. Thank you for your honest and heartfelt stories! – Amazon Review

Absolutely love all of Sasha’s books. They are very easy to relate too, almost as if you are there living in them. If you haven’t read them yet, you should put them to the top of your list. – Amazon Review

Sasha Lane is an international selling author of Romantic Comedy novels. Sasha’s first hit was with ‘Girl, Conflicted’ – the first of four books in her ‘Girl’ series, which has received comparison to the Shopaholic series by the fabulous Sophie Kinsella.

The ‘Girl’ series follows the main character, Emma Story, as she navigates life in her thirties. The books address serious issues, with humour and fun, helping readers associate with the characters and the real issues that they face.

‘It Only Takes A Minute’ is the new stand-alone Romantic Comedy Novella by Sasha. This book is the perfect fun read to get you in the mood for your holiday!

Sasha writes books which promote humour, escapism, and the pure enjoyment of reading. Hopefully readers associate with the characters and can see a bit of themselves in them, and they enjoy the journey each character takes.

Sasha works full time in the financial services industry and writes in her spare time, driven by a love of fiction, both romantic comedy and crime due to her degree in Criminology. 

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