The Countdown Has Begun...

In just 2 weeks the third and final instalment of the Ladies of Carson Street trilogy, A Very Modern Marriage, will be released and I cannot WAIT for you to read Octavia's story!

This series has become very special to me because of the mixed feedback and reviews that it has received. When I decided to write a trilogy about three prostitutes living and working from a house in a backstreet in Victorian Bath, I knew I was taking a risk.

After all, I'm an historical romance novelist... how many romance heroines are prostitutes??

Yet, I believed in my idea and I believed that I could take my readers on a journey where they would come to care for these women, want them to succeed and flourish with the same passion I did. Most of all, I believed they would come to want them to have their happy ever after as much as any other heroine.

And I was right! Although mixed, the reviews have been great and my readers as faithful to Louisa, Nancy and Octavia in a way that makes me heart sing - they literally write to me in defence of them in every possible way.

So, with A Very Modern Marriage coming on February 3rd, have you read books 1 & 2? No? What are you waiting for??

Stop by my dedicated Ladies of Carson Street website page and have a little look-see! Louisa, Nancy & Octavia are waiting...

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