Researching The Ladies of Carson Street series...

When I decided to write a trilogy about three Victorian prostitutes living and working together in the city of Bath, the first thing I needed to uncover were the differences and similarities in these women's lives... or rather their past lives.

One of the most essential aspects of storytelling is knowing your characters inside out and what events in their childhoods through to the present day that made them who they are today.

In book 1 of the Ladies of Carson Street series, Louisa Hill has married a former 'client' and is completely reliant on his money and generosity. So when he dies, leaving her only a house in Bath that she never knew existed, his secrecy feels like a betrayal and makes her realise how she must never again trust anyone else to look after her. 

Her journey to independence becomes the overriding theme of the series as each heroine faces their past and finds a way to build their own independent futures.

A Widow's Vow took my research into the world of Victorian prostitution and boxing, book 2, Trouble For The Leading Lady took me to the Victorian theatre and the Workhouse and book 3 (due for release early next year) took me out of Bath to travel north to Manchester's cotton mills.

Writing is exciting! As a writer, you might have a rough idea of what your story might be, but it is always wonderful when your research takes you in an unexpected direction or, better still, provides inspiration for future novels!

Research is a big part of why I love writing historicals and I cannot imagine that changing any time soon - with book 1 of a brand new historical series currently under consideration, I am looking forward to sharing my next project with you and what worlds I will be immersing myself in next!

Happy Reading!

Rachel x

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