IT'S SAGA SATURDAY! Introducing the fabulous Ulverscroft/The Reading House...


Family sagas have been long-time favourites of readers, and we especially love them at Ulverscroft. In fact, we love them so much, we have an imprint dedicated to them. Magna is our proud home of Family Sagas, and we think we’ve got some of the best authors around. As keen saga readers will know, you can transport yourself to another time and place within a few pages, and there’s nowt like a proper heroine to root for. And in offering large print and audio versions, we’re making sure that everybody can make these journeys and escape – something that has felt particularly relevant over the last year with COVID-19 and various lockdowns.

Our process starts with submissions from publishers, agents and occasionally directly from authors. Buying books from regular authors is like welcoming back old friends, especially with long-running series, where we’re just as keen as anyone to know what our favourite characters have been up to. Large print titles are typeset in house, and printed in Cornwall, and audio books are recorded in our studios in Oxford. Our publishing team work on the covers, sometimes using the original artwork, and often commissioning original covers from some great photographers. When the product is ready, it’s shipped to libraries around the world – Australia and New Zealand are big fans!

Considering how successful sagas were with libraries, we wanted a place for the public to have their own copies and that’s when we ventured into the Audible market and then eventually, our very own website The Reading House! Our main goal has always been to make family sagas and reading in general accessible for people who may have visual impairments or problems with reading – and family sagas have helped us greatly on this journey.

Author: Becky Hobson – Group Publishing Manager at Ulverscroft Ltd

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