Introducing the Ladies of Carson Street....

Books 1 & 2 in my latest historical series are now available for download with book 3 (the final instalment!) coming later this year! If you haven't started reading yet, what are you waiting for??

This trilogy explores the lives of three very different women who come together, their lives combining, and each looking out for the other.

Their stories are about personal empowerment, heartbreak and, ultimately, everlasting love - I hope you're as excited to read these books as I was to write them!

Book 1 - A Widow's Vow - is Louisa's story and when the book opens she learns of her husband's suicide - an ex-prostitute who feels she owes her elevation and salvation to this man, Louisa is devastated and afraid for her future and that of her friend, Nancy.

They are told that Louisa's husband has left her the deeds and ownership to a house in Bath so the women travel there and it is here that the remainder of the series is set. The house soon becomes a brothel that Louisa is determined to run on her own terms and for the best possible benefit and outcome for herself, Nancy and Octavia, a whore Louisa saves from the street.

Book 2 - Trouble For The Leading Lady - is Nancy's story and in this book we learn of Nancy's long-held dream to be onstage. When she meets theatre manager, Francis Carlyle, her dream comes one step closer. Yet, can Nancy really trust him when she still carries the emotional and mental scars of her last foolish leap into the possibility of hope??

I don't have a title for book 3 as yet, but this will Octavia's story and follows her journey into complete independence as the future of the house on Carson Street is brought into question... will she find a new life or be forced back onto the streets??

Why not download books 1 & 2 today? The Ladies of Carson Street are waiting...



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