IT'S SAGA SATURDAY!! Hope you enjoy my interview with The Wild Rose Press author, M W Arnold...


What was your first job? Did you like or dislike it? Why?

I could say as a paperboy and I actually liked it, especially the tips around Christmas, or working as a shelf stacker in one of the old International stores, apart from around Christmas. I still can’t stand Rockin’ Robin! My first ‘real’ job was as a Data Analyst in the RAF and that lasted for about 16 years. It was a mixture of adventure and boredom, hate and love, depending upon what job I was doing and where, but I suspect this is a similar experience for any person in any member of the services. I got to travel the world though and that was the main reason I joined up in the first place. About the only parts of the world I didn’t go to were the Far East and Africa. I even met my Lady Wife through my travels.

Do you have a pet peeve? If so what is it?

People who never admit when they’re wrong is a big one, plus a lack of manners. How hard is it to say thank you when someone holds the door open for you?

 Would you describe your style as shabby chic, timeless elegance, eclectic, country or ___­­­_?

 Hmm…not really sure how to answer this question? If we’re talking about my taste in clothes, scruffy chic would be more like it.

 Tell me about your book {A Wing and a Prayer} and where you got your inspiration for it?

‘A Wing and a Prayer’ came about when I was recovering from illness and couldn’t make any headway on my then current WIP. An author friend suggested I should try a new project and that coincided with my watching a tv program on the Air Transport Auxiliary. After spending a few minutes – okay, maybe hours – searching around the internet, I found myself jotting notes down and had the basics for story.

The book, the first in a series titled ‘Broken Wings’, is the story of how women from diverse backgrounds come to bond under trying conditions and tragic circumstances, as they band together to solve how one of their numbers siblings was murdered.

  Who is your role model? Why?

For this genre I’m writing in, I’d have to say the wonderful Elaine Everest who writes the terrific ‘Woolworth Girls’ series. It was this ladies idea to try a different genre and who encouraged me all through its journey. Generally in writing, it would have to be my friend and Romance author supreme, Sue Moorcroft. I met her a number of years ago at my first ‘how to’ on writing and have been a huge fan ever since.

 How much of your book is realistic?

Pretty much all of it. Both RAF Hamble and the village are real though I’ve not included complete descriptions of either in my books, as they’re not necessary. I like to think I’ve done my research correctly and have followed the procedures they used when flying, as well as adapting various incidents they got involved in. I haven’t included real members of the Air Transport Auxiliary, though a few of my characters are based on real women from back then. My library of books for research purposes has grown quite extensively and includes titles I wouldn’t have thought I’d have a few years back. I now know more about 1940’s women’s fashion than I sometimes care to admit!

 What are your ambitions for your writing career?

To keep selling books. I would like to progress to a fully paperback deal too. Oh, and not to run out of ideas!

Share one fact about yourself that would surprise people.

I am a dedicated Trekker! I fell in love with the original series of Star Trek when it was repeated back in the 70’s and have loved it ever since.

The Air Transport Auxiliary Mystery Club!

Four ladies of the Air Transport Auxiliary bond over solving the mystery of who was responsible for the death of one’s sister. Battling both internal forces and those of the country’s mutual enemies, the women find that both love and dangers are cousins cut from the same ilk.

This is a sweeping story of love, death and betrayal set against the backdrop of war when ties of friendship are exceptionally strong.

A Wing and a Prayer - Extract

“Mind the duck!”

Mary’s warning was a smidgeon too late. Betty turned her head toward the shout just when she needed to do the exact opposite and keep her eyes on the path.

“Aargh!” cried Betty as she was sent sprawling to the ground.

A loud, angry, “Quack! Quack!” was followed by a flurry of wings and feathers as the slightly stunned duck half flew and half staggered to the sanctuary provided by the river.

“I did tell her to watch out for the duck,” Mary muttered in her own defense as they rushed to help Betty to her feet.

Penny and Doris took an arm each as Mary reached to retrieve Betty’s handbag. It had landed precariously close to the edge of the river, and the dastardly duck was snuffling at it before Mary seized it and handed it back to Betty.

“Mary!” cried Betty. “Grab that envelope!”

Swiveling, Mary saw a large brown envelope and stooped for it before it could fall into the water. “Got it!” she yelled, waving it in the air. Unfortunately, the envelope being upside down, the contents spilled onto the ground around her, luckily missing going into the river. She bent down to pick them up and was surprised to discover they were all newspaper cuttings.  


Author Bio –

Mick is a hopeless romantic who was born in England and spent fifteen years roaming around the world in the pay of HM Queen Elisabeth II in the Royal Air Force before putting down roots and realizing how much he missed the travel. This he’s replaced somewhat with his writing, including reviewing books and supporting fellow saga and romance authors in promoting their novels.

He’s the proud keeper of two Romanian Were-Cats, is mad on the music of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, and enjoys the theatre and loving his Manchester-United-supporting wife.

Finally, Mick is a full member of the Romantic Novelists Association. A Wing and a Prayer is his second published novel, and he is very proud to be welcomed into The Rose Garden.

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  1. So pleased for you and your success, Mick. What is your next project?

  2. HI: enjoyed your interview. What an interesting life you've led and incorporated into your stories. Looks like an interesting time period, love the ladies on the cover. Good luck with sales.

  3. What an interesting interview, Mick and Rachel. I didn't know you were a fellow 'Trekkie', Mick, that makes too things we have in common (the other being the WRP), as well as the RNA. Congratulations on the success of 'A Wing And A Prayer'.