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11 Facts About The Pennington’s Department Store Series

P – The (People) – So far there are four books in the series (all can be read stand alone) with a cast of sixty characters. Whether they hold a starring or secondary role, each and every one of them make up the most important aspect of Bath’s finest department store and everything it stands for.

E – Edwardian – The series starts in 1910 with A Shop Girl In Bath and runs to the middle of 1912 with A Shop Girl At Sea. Books two and three (A Shop Girl Gets The Vote & A Shop Girl’s Christmas) are set in 1911. The Edwardian period was a time of exciting changes (especially for women) and I loved exploring a female progression topic with each book.

N – Nefarious characters – anyone who reads my books knows I can’t resist including a villain in my stories. The Pennington’s series is no different. My villains don’t always take the form of out and out criminals, but there is usually at least one character that none of us would want to befriend.

N – Necessity – Each book in the Pennington’s series starts with action being taken by the heroine out of necessity. Maybe this is true of all novels, but in the Pennington’s series something forces the heroines to take life into their own hands regardless of conventionality or propriety. This was the age when women were beginning to push themselves forward and the heroines of Pennington’s are no different.

I – Intelligence – Whatever the background of the Pennington’s characters, a certain intelligence shines through. Of course, how that intelligence (whether of the mind or circumstances) is played out is something I enjoy making as obstacle-filled as possible. Things usually play out with very surprising consequences.

N – Nurture – As things change and grow in Pennington’s, a real sense of nurturing starts to appear. From the bosses of the store, the staff, the various characters and how they behave in their private lives. Pennington’s becomes a haven and escape from the characters’ troubles…it also provides something that each of them is seeking. Whether they realise it at first or not.

G – George V – the Coronation of George V plays a big part in A Shop Girl Gets The Vote as the store prepares for this huge national event. The creation of the ‘Coronation window’ is one of Esther’s (the heroine’s) biggest challenges and her role in Pennington’s reputation is paramount at this most splendid time.

T – Trouble – Throughout the series, trouble always arises. Whether this is in the form of conflict between the characters, external trouble or internal conflicts the characters have to battle through in order to reach their goals. There is plenty of all three in every book!

O – Opportunity – Pennington’s Department Store, when under the hand of Edward Pennington, was a place where he only welcomed the wealthy as well as ensuring staff were kept in their places, the female employees especially. However, as in all things, changes are afoot in A Shop Girl In Bath and Pennington’s begins to thrive as a place where there is opportunity for all.

N – Neighbourhood – Bath is a metropolis for the rich and a hellhole its poor. It is the store and its neighbouring surroundings that provides richness to the characters’ lives, decisions and adventures. Throughout the series we visit the fortunate and not so fortunate…

S – Success – The heroes and heroines of the Pennington’s series all share the same mission. To succeed. These are young, dynamic and ambitious individuals with an appetite for change. Each shares a passion to make a difference and share what they have to offer the world. Hence why I LOVE writing this series! Nothing stays the same…

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