IT'S SAGA SATURDAY!! Please welcome Boldwood Books author Sheila Riley...

 Hi Rachel!

Thank you for inviting me on to your blog. It is such a pleasure to be back here again. I hope you and your readers are well and coping in these unusual times.
     I am sure the last few months have been strange for most people because of the corona virus, but to be honest I have been so engrossed in writing and editing that I can’t say I have seen a vast change in my daily routine.
      I feel that in some ways the lockdown reflects the aftermath of WW2 when the inhabitants of Reckoner’s Row saw rationing and queuing as a way of life.  In The Mersey Girls we have moved on two years to 1950, where rationing is still in place and Evie spends most of her precious lunch hour queueing for something tasty for the evening meal, only to find there are only scrag-ends left, when she reaches the front of the queue.
   Although, I did not need to go far to research Evie’s frustration of standing in a lengthy queue, only to find that when it was her turn to be served, the shop had barely anything left to sell. Mind you, I do sometimes wonder if the inhabitants of the dockside street found it strangely comforting to know that ‘everyone was in the same boat’, as I did. Although I doubt anybody could have foreseen that this would happen again seventy years later.


The latest instalment in Sheila Riley's brilliant Reckoner's Row series
Liverpool 1950

When Evie Kilgaren takes over the running of the back office at Skinner and Son's haulage yard, she has no idea she is walking into a hive of blackmail, secrets and lies.
Her fellow co-worker and childhood nemesis, Susie Blackthorn, is outraged at being demoted and is hell-bent on securing the affections of local heartthrob Danny Harris.
Grace Harris, a singer on the prestigious D’Angelo transatlantic ocean liners, is returning home engaged to be married. But Grace is harbouring her own shocking secrets and something valuable her fiancé very desperately wants back.

As we return to the lives and loves of those who live and work in the Mersey Docklands, not everything is as it seems and love and luck are rarely on the same side.

Praise for Sheila Riley's Reckoners Row Series
'A thoroughly enjoyable, powerful novel' Lyn Andrews
'An enchanting, warm and deeply touching story' Cathy Sharp

Sheila Riley is the author of the popular Reckoner’s Row series published by Boldwood Books. Set in Liverpool Docklands, it tells of the stoic inhabitants of a Liverpool backstreet who find love and laughter in austere times. But nothing is what it appears to be when Grace Harris comes home from singing on a luxury cruise liner, with the world at her feet she doesn’t have a care – or so she would have everybody believe. The first in the Reckoner’s Row series, The Mersey Orphan, was a number one bestseller in the Amazon historical group in UK and Canada. The second in the series, The Mersey Girls is out on 18th August 2020. Thank you so much, for hosting me on your blog, Rachel, it has been an enormous pleasure.
Best wishes and stay safe
Sheila 😊 x

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