Introducing the hero and heroine of A Shop Girl At Sea...

Today, I thought I'd share a little more about the stars of A Shop Girl At Sea, head window dresser Amelia Wakefield and seaman Samuel Murphy.

I always start each book trawling the internet for 'pictures' of my hero and heroine and the process with this book was no different.

Amelia made her first appearance in Book 2 of the Pennington's series (A Shop Girl Gets The Vote) - back then, she was shy and withdrawn, hiding the shame and humiliation of a life-changing event that was not her fault. That truth did little to encourage Amelia in her personal or work life until she was taken under the wing of a woman who would become her closest friend and mentor at Pennington's, Esther Stanbury.

In A Shop Girl At Sea, Amelia has gained confidence and proven her worth enough for her employer to believe she is the right person to board the Titanic on a scouting mission of New York's department stores. Although initially believing herself unworthy of such a task, Amelia decides she will take the opportunity and see what happens...

Onboard she meets handsome, kind, hardworking seaman Samuel Murphy who is immediately attracted to this woman with caramel-coloured hair and deep brown eyes. The more they talk, the more invested they become in each other's pasts and dreams for the future. Samuel's father died when Samuel was barely into adulthood, leaving him responsible for his mother and two younger sisters - he has never taken a moment to consider his own future happiness or success.
That changes once he boards the Titanic and realises there is nothing stopping him staying in America and seeking his fortune. Money is all his family cares about and he can wire everything they need home.

But then the Titanic hits a iceberg and everything Samuel and Amelia dream of seems entirely impossible... their lives are changed forever. This book is about survival in every sense of the word and I absolutely loved writing every word of it!

A Shop Girl At Sea is out now!

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Bath, 1912.
Amelia Wakefield loves working at Pennington's, Bath's finest department store. An escape from her traumatic past, it saved her life. So when Miss Pennington sets her a task to set sail on the Titanic and study the department stores of New York, she couldn't be more excited – or determined!
Frustrated with his life at home, Samuel Murphy longs for a few weeks of freedom and adventure. Meeting Amelia on board the Titanic, Samuel can't help wonder what painful history has made the beauty so reserved. But he already has too many responsibilities for love.
Ruby Taylor has always kept her Pennington co-workers at a distance. Making sure her little brother is safe has always been her priority. But when that means accepting Victoria Lark's offer of sanctuary, more than one of Ruby's secrets is under threat of being revealed...
A riveting and uplifting saga, perfect for fans of Elaine Everest and Fiona Ford.

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