My Monthly Book Review...

This month's book review is for The Princess Plan by Julia London.

This is book 1 in Julia's latest series and I literally could not wait to get my hands on it! I was not disappointed - this book is filled with humour, family, intrigue and, of course, romance.

There is a wide cast of characters and each adds a little something to the story, especially the women.
The heroine of The Princess Plan, Eliza Tricklebank, is funny, warm, caring and a bit of a tomboy in a genre where many expect high society, balls and dresses.
All these things appear within the novel's pages but it's Eliza's differences that really make her and the whole book a joy to read.

Then we have our hero, Prince Sebastian of Alucia... let's just say, he is Eliza's perfect match in every way. A meeting of minds, hearts and morals... once they get past the numerous intrigues and obstacles keeping them apart.

A truly great, fun-filled romance and I cannot wait for book 2!

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