My Monthly Book Review...

This month's review is for The Break by Marian Keyes...

I have been a huge Marian Keyes' fan for YEARS and have bought every book she has written. The Break was published in 2018 but I've only just read it as I like to keep a book from my favourite authors waiting on my shelf... I only allow myself to read it one once a new book has been released. Sad, but true!

The Break centres around Amy and opens with a bang when her husband announces he'd like to take a six month 'break' meaning he will take off on a travelling adventure leaving Amy at home with their three children.

Full of Marian's dry and poignant humour, The Break explores how the decision of one partner can affect not only the other person in the relationship but also its ripple-effect on the couple's friends and family. Within a huge cast of characters, we watch Amy grow and change, make some decisions that have some less than favourable results and others that are just perfect.

A really great read that I think touches of every possible human emotion leaving the reader with feeling and thought about, not only their romantic relationships, but those we hold with work colleagues, friends and family.


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