Happy New Year, lovely Readers!!

I absolutely love the start of a New Year when we have 12 months of possibility ahead of us and I have some fabulous writing and career goals in my planner ready to go!

Pennington's Book 4 has a tentative release date of April 2020 and I cannot WAIT to read this latest instalment! This book partially takes place on HMS Titanic and I am so excited for you to follow Amelia Wakefield and Samuel Murphy through what must have been one of the most terrifying, traumatic tragedies in history. This book is one I've wanted to write for a long time but I just couldn't work out how to incorporate the Titanic disaster with Pennington's.

Fingers crossed, you'll love it!

So what's next in 2020??

I am contracted to write books 1 & 2 in a brand new Victorian trilogy and half way through the first draft of book 1. I am LOVING writing what promises to be a grittier, slightly sexier read than the Pennington's series but with all the heart, drama and romance that I love to write. I estimate that book 1 will be released in the Autumn. Watch this space!

Okay, that's it from me for now - back to my fabulous planner and getting all my dreams and goals into place. If you're looking for a planner that I promise will give you all the inspiration you need to keep focused this year - click here to see what I use: https://www.thegirlsmeanbusiness.com/2020planner?my=73

Happy New Year!

Rachel x

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