SAGA SATURDAY!! Please welcome fellow Aria author, Lesley Eames...

I’m often asked why I write sagas as I’ve now written two – The Runaway Women in London and The Brighton Guest House Girls. The answer is that sagas allow me to explore – and enjoy – several aspects of writing.

For one thing, they’re all about people – their families, friends, homes, workplaces, troubles, joys… 

Therefore, they offer writers like me the chance to create a wide range of interesting characters. One of the relationships I particularly enjoy exploring is friendship. Friends are important in my life and both of my books have friendships at the heart of them.

In The Runaway Women in London I bring together clever Grace, stylish Jenny, spiky rebel Lydia and shy Ruth. Each of them is juggling individual problems as well as shared adversity, and it’s friendship that helps them along.

In The Brighton Guest House Girls I bring together three girls from very different backgrounds – Thea, Anna and Daisy – but again it’s their friendship that gives them strength in the toughest of times.

I don’t have a favourite female character. I love them all. I don’t have a favourite male character either. From dashing Harry James Dellamore to self-possessed Maxwell Moore, I adore all the men who bring romance into the lives of my girls.

Another reason I enjoy writing sagas is that readers are unafraid of emotion. This means I can dig deep into my characters’ feelings.

Then there are the historical settings and themes that saga readers enjoy. I enjoy them too. Both of my books are set in the early 1920s when the Great War was finally over and the world was changing socially, politically and culturally. It’s fascinating to research and write about the issues of the time – hardship, injustice, the opportunities (or lack of them) for women in business – and, of course, the glamorous side of things too, including fashion, jazz clubs and – Lydia’s passion – motor racing.
I’m currently working on my third book which features Lily, Elsie and Phyllis – more characters for me to love.

Book links:
The Runaway Women in London
The Brighton Guest House Girls

About me
Winner of awards such as the Festival of Romance New Talent Award and the Romantic Novelists' Association's Elizabeth Goudge Cup, Lesley Eames writes 1920's sagas as well as short stories for the women's magazine market. She is also a creative writing tutor, mentor and editor. Based in Hertfordshire, UK, Lesley loves working from home because she can share the adventures of her characters while wearing slippers and drinking copious cups of tea.

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Twitter: @LesleyEames

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