My Favourite Historical Era??

This is such a difficult question for me to answer as I am a complete history geek and love so many eras!

I would have to say that the Tudor period is the time that fascinates me the most – I cannot read enough biographies about the British Royal family at this time or watch enough documentaries and dramas. The women of the Tudor Royal family, from Katherine of Aragon to Elizabeth I are, I believe, some of the strongest and most resilient to have ever lived.

As I am passionate about female empowerment, their stories fascinate me. In a time when women were considered little more than vessels for babies and negotiation, it is amazing how much Henry VIII’s queens and lovers achieved amid an environment that did little to help or support them.

I would love to write a novel set in the Tudor period but, I have to be honest, the idea intimidates me. I could write a book with an entire cast of fictional characters which would alleviate some of the pressure as opposed to writing about real-life people, but it is the real-life people that hold my fascination and interest. Never say never, but when I hold authors such as Philippa Gregory and C J Sansom in such awe, I’m not sure I’ll ever have the courage to attempt a novel set in this period.

Other eras I love are the Victorian and Edwardian eras – I have written four Victorian romances and (so far) three Edwardian novels.

Again, it is the female progression of these periods that I love to write about – the mid to late 1800s was a time of huge change for women and many refused to stand by the rules of convention and propriety. I receive the occasional review that will state ‘women would not have done those things at that time’ which I refute. Women DID do things that were unusual for the time. They did stand up for change and they did put themselves at risk of ostracisation or even prison.

How could things have changed if women at some point, at some time, weren’t determined to make a change? These women existed, and it is them who inspire so many of my books.

I love history and think it’s important we continue to read and learn as much as we can about what happened in the past. Isn’t it a fabulous way to learn about our lives today and what is possible, when inspired by the courage and tenacity of those who went before us?

Happy Reading!

Rachel x

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