My Monthly Book Review...

This month's review is of How To Romance A Runaway Bride by Teri Wilson.

Every time I open one of Teri's books I know I am in for a treat of a read and have yet to be disappointed!

How To Romance A Runaway Bride is book two in her Wilde Hearts trilogy and this one is a reunion/second chance romance between billionaire hotelier, Zander Wilde and his childhood friend and dance partner, Allegra Clark.

Having agreed to marry each other if they weren't married to anyone else by their 30th birthdays. So when Allegra crashes into Zander's 30th birthday party in a wedding dress after a 14 disappearance, what else is he to assume other than Allegra is back to honour their promise? This entire novel is full of moments that made me smile, made my heart ache a little and made me root for this incredibly sweet couple from the outset.

Teri writes tension-fuelled romances with a nice helping of humour and anticipation. I read How To Romance a Runaway Bride in three days and it was a brilliant sequel to The Ballerina's Secret.

Highly Recommended!

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