Introducing Flying By The Seat Of My Knickers by Eliza Watson...

1.)              What was your first job? Did you like or dislike it? Why?

My first job was a grocery store cashier when I was in high school. I enjoyed the job because I liked visiting with people in my small town. However, I didn’t like doing the bookwork and having to walk a wad of cash across the street by myself at night to the bank’s depository.

2.)              Do you have a pet peeve? If so what is it?

People who can’t meet deadlines because my life revolves around them. If the person has a legitimate reason, I understand things happen. However, I once had someone miss a deadline by a week while I saw him online playing social media games for hours.

3.)              Would you describe your style as shabby chic, timeless elegance, eclectic, country or ___­­­_?

Eclectic. We are getting our house ready to sell so it is a hodgepodge of styles right now. My husband tore up the carpeting in the master bedroom and put down wood floors. The room has light grey walls and a dark wood floor and furnishings. A calm and tropical feel. My office has fuchsia walls and tan carpeting. Fun and inspirational. And the front of the house is still casual elegance done mostly in yellows and reds.

4.)                  Tell me about your book Flying by the Seat of My Knickers and where you got your inspiration for it?

It’s my memoir. Just kidding. I never write about actual real-life experiences. However, when my friends and family read the series they’ll discover that, despite the travel, my event planner job isn’t so “glamorous.” I no longer do the planning part and only execute events same as Caity’s new job. I’ve been in the industry for twenty years and no matter how well you organize an event, once you are onsite, you have to be able to troubleshoot issues and think on your feet. Poor Caity has encountered some major challenges.

5.)              Who is your role model? Why?

My favorite series is Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. I admire her for not following the writing “rules” and being true to her voice. She created very likeable and fun characters. I met her at a writers’ conference and have a picture of us on my website.

6.)              How much of your book is realistic?

My answer to question four covered this and I couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t sound redundant. I’d be happy to answer an additional question.

7.)              What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I am going to start writing a cosy mystery series in the near future. Amateur sleuth is one of my favorite genres to read. Last August, I hit a milestone in my eighteen-year writing career when I became a USA Today bestselling author. This gave me hope that I might be writing full time within the next few years.

8.)              Share one fact about yourself that would surprise people.

I’m a genealogist. I’ve researched ten of my Irish ancestry lines, and I’m currently working on my Watsons’ Scottish family tree. I have also helped numerous friends trace their roots. My hobby inspired the ancestry mystery threaded through my Caity Shaw series. Also, I can sing the words to every commercial jingle from the 1980s. I obviously watched a lot more TV back then. 

Flying by the Seat of My Knickers
Why run from your troubles when you can fly instead? 

When Caity Shaw is fired from her first job that doesn’t require an elf uniform, her older sister, Rachel, an event planner, hires her to work a meeting in Dublin. Caity jumps at the opportunity to travel abroad and escape her pathetic life. However, even four thousand miles from home, there’s no avoiding debt collectors, an overbearing mother, and haunting memories of a controlling ex.

While in Dublin, Caity suffers a series of humiliating mishaps, causing her to lose even more faith in herself. Caity struggles to earn Rachel’s respect—and to keep Declan, her hot Irish coworker, at arm’s length. Declan repeatedly saves Caity’s butt and helps boost her self-confidence, making it difficult to keep her distance from the charming womanizer. When Declan helps her research her Irish grandmother, Caity discovers the mysterious past of the courageous woman she barely knew might hold the answers to her future.

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Eliza Watson is a USA Today Bestselling Author. When Eliza isn't traveling for her job as an event planner, or tracing her ancestry roots through Ireland, she's at home working on her next novel, bouncing ideas off her husband, Mark, and her cats Frankie and Sammy. Learn more about Eliza's books at

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