Inspire Me!

This week's Inspire Me! is focused on the first author who inspired me to write, Enid Blyton.

My favourite childhood book is The Magic Faraway Tree - I can still remember when and where I read this book for the first time. I was around eight or nine and on a coach trip to Tenby with my family, cousins, nan, aunt and uncle. I was so immersed in this magical tale that I went from coach to beach with my nose between the pages.

Yet, it wasn't until I discovered the Secret Seven series a year or so later that I was inspired to put pen to paper. It was a passion that never wavered. I wrote my first short story by the time I was ten and haven't really stopped writing since.

A lot of controversy has surrounded Blyton's work over the years with schools and the BBC banning her work due to the interpretation of racism, elitism, sexism and xenophobia. All issues that I'm sure I would feel myself if I were to read them today. Back then, I was oblivious to anything but the pure enjoyment of the storytelling.

An amazingly prolific writer, Blyton sometimes produced 50 books a year which led to accusations of ghost writers working with her. Something she always denied.

Love or hate Blyton's work, I don't think it can be denied she was a literary inspiration.

Happy Inspiration Day!

Rachel x

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