A Typical Day In My Life...

I live in a small market town just thirty minutes’ drive from the beautiful city of Bath, England in one direction and the glorious villages and hamlets of the Cotswolds in the other. I’ve lived here with my husband of twenty years and our two daughters since 200. My proximity to Bath and the Cotswolds has provided fascinating and intriguing settings as well as some great story inspiration.

A typical day starts around 7am and I strive to be at my desk by 8am.

After dealing with emails and any promo requirements, I usually critique a chapter for one of my three critique partners. Around 10am, it’s time for the first dog walk of the day. I’m lucky to have some beautiful open fields and woodland very close by and myself and Tyler, my gorgeous chocolate Labrador, trek these areas every day…with him often diving into the river, regardless of the temperature or weather.

Once home again, it’s time to write – I aim to write two scenes a day which amounts to around 3,000 words. If I achieve this I’ve had a good day. More often than not, I meet this target, but I am equally happy with 2,000 words. Putting too much pressure on yourself to stick to an exact word count every single day is a guaranteed way to destroy creativity.

My working day usually lasts to 5.30pm with a lunch break and another dog walk in between.

I feel incredibly blessed that I am able to write full-time and each year, as my daughters get older, my productivity continues to grow. I recently enrolled in some time management and planning courses which have made a HUGE difference to my day-to-day life. Planning ahead is the future, lovelies! 

Bring on 2019…

Rachel x

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