Inspire Me!

This week's Inspire Me! post is all about the phenomenally successful entrepreneur, Jo Malone.

I recently read Jo's autobiography, My Story, and it was a really interesting and inspiring read - I am always looking for successful women to boost my own ambitions and dreams and, as she started from truly humble beginnings, Jo Malone has been added to my ever-growing list of women I admire.

Having left school with no qualifications, Jo's obsession with scent started young and she quickly started to investigate how to mix smells and infusions before turning to candle-making. She eventually started her own business with her mum and showed how applying yourself, a whole load of tenacity and ambition can take a person to heights even they could not have imagined.

In 1999, she sold Jo Malone London to Estee Lauder for undisclosed millions and went on to start a new company called Jo Loves. Working is clearly in Jo's blood and, as she only recent turned 55, she could potentially continue on her entrepreneurial journey for years to come.

Her candles are sumptuous, beautiful and a treat like no other! Make sure you indulge this Christmas...

Happy Inspiration Day!

Rachel x

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