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1)      The best thing I have learned from an editor or agent is how to be both more concise and less passive with my wording in my novels. I’m grateful to have so many eyes reading my work and picking up typos and errors, but have learned that sometimes things slip through the cracks. You can’t make everyone happy!

2)      My typical day is doing yoga, having breakfast, then off to my day job at a local theatre. I squeeze writing time in during the evenings when my son is in karate classes or on my lunchbreak. I would love to be a full time writer one day.

3)      I usually don’t read while I’m closing in on a deadline – unless I’m procrastinating, which I excel at! My day job is in the box office of a live theatre so I get to read lots of scripts. I also read self-help and thrillers as well as other cozy mysteries.

4)      When I’m done reading a paperback, I either pass it on to friends or trade if off in a blind book exchange in our writing group. If the book was written by a friend (like Rachel!) I shelve them to read again one day. I collect my author friends’ books like I collect seashells!

5)      I’m generally not nervous about friends reading my books. I’ve been part of a writing group for many years and have become used to the comments and critiques. I’m usually more concerned with what my kids have to say! As I venture into edgier novels, I’m sure my worries about what people say will grow.

6)      Inspiration can come from anywhere:  conversations with friends, places I visit or read about, things I strike off my bucket list (like a new tattoo), lyrics of a song, weird dreams, prompts in the writing group, you name it.

7)      Blurb from my upcoming novel Steeped in Trouble (Gemma Halliday Publishing):
Laken Miller Samson fought cancer and won, losing her narcissistic actor husband along the way. Not quite ready to start a new life, she's come to Danger Cove to stay with her sister and discovers not only the Sweet Eden Tea House, but a puppy she names Sammy. After she sees one of the owners fall dead at the counter, Laken becomes not only a witness, but a suspect in the eyes of local paramedic Keyon Blake. She steps in to help keep the tea house afloat while trying to help solve a murder, not sure either is a great idea. Can she help solve the murder before she becomes a victim herself?

8)      What’s next? I’ve recently finished Steeped in Trouble for Gemma Halliday Publishing and already have 3 more novel ideas lined up. One is the fourth and possibly final novel in the Wild Blue Mystery series. One is a fantasy I’m working on with a friend. The third is still an idea in progress that promises to give me nightmares.


Diane Bator is a writer, storyteller, and artist who has so far published seven novels with two different publishers. She was nominated as Established Artist of the Year at her local Mayor's Breakfast for the Arts and won a Murder In Ink contest in 2010, which launched her passion for writing mysteries. Aside from writing, she also works in theatre and is tossing around the idea of scriptwriting one day.

Website              http://penspaintsandpaper.com
Blog       http://dbator.blogspot.ca/

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