My Five Favourite Things About...Templeton Cove!!

Templeton Cove is the fictional UK seaside town I created for my series with Harlequin Superromance – of course, when I started writing book one I didn’t dream that Harlequin would end up contracting eight books in total…so far!

The first two books (Finding Justice and A Man Like Him) are romantic suspense, the next three books (What Belongs To Her, Christmas At The Cove, Her Hometown Redemption) are more mainstream romance but do have a little menace in them…I find it very hard to resist a villain ;) And the latest, Saved By The Firefighter is a straight mainstream romance about overcoming grief and finding happiness again.

This town has become a very real and tangible place to me – it’s somewhere I would love to live and my reader feedback has been fabulous. Everyone loves Templeton and its residents – especially the matriarch, Marian Cohen.

So, my five favorite things about this wonderful town on the south west coast of England are:

1)     The beach – Cowden Beach is where a lot of the action takes place in Finding Justice but also features in a few of the other books too. I created the beach with mounds of rocks at one end and a posh restaurant on stilts, The Oceanside, on its sands. Each of these things has served a good purpose! The beach is very much inspired by a beach in Egypt where I holidayed with my family in 2012.
2)     The fairground – Funland is really the entire backdrop for What Belongs To Her and was inspired by the fairground that used to come to my hometown every year while I was growing up. I ADORE a fairground with the noise, smells and excitement. I am thrilled that readers are writing me saying how real it felt to them as they read the book. There is no bigger compliment!
3)     The bakery – Marian’s Bonniest Bakery features in all the books and is a central meeting point and place the residents come to relax and/or get advice from their beloved matriarch, Marian. I say “and/or” because you cannot relax when you’re talking to Marian!
4)     The residents – I love each and every one of the characters I have created so far, both protagonists and secondary. They all mean the world to me and are incredibly real in my mind. Books seven and eight (out August 2017 and February 2018) star secondary characters from previous books who have been patiently waiting to be heard. It’s so great to have a job where I get to go back and read my own books to decide who will star in the next installment!
5)     Finally, the best thing about Templeton Cove – its potential. Right now, I feel as though I could continue to write about Templeton forever. I have so many more story ideas floating around in my imagination that I’m yet to explore. I want to add a nightclub and an amusement arcade…I want to set something at the train station and revisit the caravan park that featured in A Man Like Him.

I hope you’ll try one (if not all!) of my Templeton Cove books and fall in love with the setting, people and what they get up to as much as me J

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