My Monthly Book Review...Marriage & Mayhem for the Tobacco Girls by Lizzie Lane



Marriage & Mayhem for the Tobacco Girls by Lizzie Lane.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I love this Bristol based series. Not just because Bristol is where I was born and bred but because of the humour, authenticity and likeability of the whole cast of characters. The three main characters of the series, Maisie, Bridget & Phyllis are fabulous, OF course, but there is so much going on in each book that you become entirely entrenched in the lives of all.

Marriage & Mayhem for the Tobacco Girls is the fifth book but all the books can easily be read as stand-alone novels. This story sees us coming to the end of WWII. Set in the year 1944, we are edging towards the possibility that the rigours of war might soon come to an end but that does not mean the tension and fears of the tobacco girls can be laid to rest quite yet.

From heartbreaking decisions to loss and triumph, trials for the young and old, Marriage & Mayhem for the Tobacco Girls is a wonderful saga set in a time when everyone had a part to play in keeping Engand - the world - turning.

I highly recommend this book and all the books in the series - one of my favourites!

Marriage and Mayhem for the Tobacco Girls

War is fleeting, but true love last forever...

May 1944

Hope and excitement is in the air when news breaks of the allied forces landing in Normandy. D Day has arrived. However, the day-to-day struggles for the Tobacco Girls continue.

Carole Thomas wants her old life back. She is burdened with the guilt of being a young single mother and considers having baby Paula adopted, but Maisie Miles will do anything to stop her.

Phyllis Mason having found the love of her life is getting married in Malta to Mick Fairbrother, but will the dangerous legacies of war plague her happy day?


Bridget O’Neill finds herself posted to one of the hospitals receiving the injured from the D-Day landing beaches. Her most fervent hope is that her husband, Lyndon, does not become one of them.


Peace is on the horizon, but will their wishes and dreams win through and bring them a happy ever after?

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Lizzie Lane is the author of over 50 books, a number of which have been bestsellers.  She was born and bred in Bristol where many of her family worked in the cigarette and cigar factories.  This has inspired her saga series for Boldwood The Tobacco Girls.

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