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This month's book review is for Last Duke Standing by Julia London...

I am a huge fan of Julia's and have been for several years - I have loved her Royal series so far and I was no disappointed with Last Duke Standing. Even though there are brief appearances from one or two characters from previous books, this new novel can absolutely be read as a stand alone.

As soon as the heroine, Princess Justine entered I wanted to be her friend - she is strong and knows who she is, but there is also a vulnerability about her that endears and made me immediately root for her happy ever after. THEN we meet William, Lord Douglas, a scottish aristcrat who constantly put me in the mind of Jamie Fraser from Outlander...which was absolutely fine by me!

All too soon, they are thrown into tense and humoruous entanglements as well as plenty of smiles, laughter and romantic moments which really make this couple leap off the page. The electricity between them is palpable and believeable which is vital for me as a reader.

Overall, Last Duke Standing is another fabulous historical romance from an equally fabulous author and I very much look forward to the next instalment, The Duke Not Taken coming in September.


A princess in need of a husband.
A rake not in want of a wife.

London 1855

Deemed unsuitable to rule by her parents, Princess Justine
is sent to England to learn from Queen Victoria what it means to be royal. In London she will also be matched with a suitable husband. But headstrong Justine is not one to be influenced, especially in matters of the heart, and so roguish bachelor William, Lord Douglas is sent to watch over the spirited young woman.

However, the longer William spends in Justine’s company, the more he is attracted to the opinionated Princess and considers all suitors unacceptable. Soon London society has no more matches. Yet Justine is expected to marry.

But amidst the politics and protocol, what if the right man has been there all along…?


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