Available for Preorder! A Very Modern Marriage coming Feb 3rd...

I am so thrilled to announce that my next book, A Very Modern Marriage is available for preorder! Releasing Feb 3rd, this is Octavia's story and the third and final book in The Ladies of Carson Street trilogy... (all books can be read stand alone)

Writing this book was a joy, yet tinged with sadness too...

As the final book in what has been a wonderful series that has given me and my readers such enjoyment, I was reluctant to say goodbye to Carson Street. All three of  'my girls' - as I like to call them - have given me a chance to explore what life was like for women struggling to survive in the mid-19th century, but also aspects of my own personality.

I truly believe that little bits of an author seep into all of their characters in one way or another and for Octavia Marshall, the heroine of  A Very Modern Marriage, it was no different. Her determination and worry of being a burden to others are emotions I often feel and they came out as much bigger issues that I originally intended when I started writing this novel.

Octavia is the quietest of the women living and working at the Carson Street house, but she is by no means the weakest and when she meets Manchester cotton mill owner, William Rose, we see just how her mind works and how vulnerable she is to her emotions. At times poignant, other romantic and hopeful, A Very Modern Marriage follows Octavia and William from Bath to Manchester as they work out each other and also take a deep look at themselves.

This just might be my favourite book of the trilogy and I can't wait to see if you agree!

Reserve your copy here: mybook.to/modernmarriage

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