Inspiration Behind the Shop Girl Series...

It’s pretty clear from the Shop Girl series tagline where the inspiration for the series originated, ‘Perfect for the fans of the TV series Mr Selfridge and The Paradise’, but my vision was about so much more than what these wonderful shows gave us!

I LOVED these period dramas, but something was always missing for me - I wanted more from the female characters. I wanted to know more about their hopes, dreams and wishes. More about their lives away from work. What were their families like? Their histories? Their past pains and failures? Who inspires them? What do they want to change?

Soon, I identified the theme of a brand-new series that I couldn’t wait to write and the theme was ‘female empowerment’.

I much prefer writing a series of books, rather than single titles, because it gives the readers (and me!) the opportunity to really get to know a big cast of characters and their conflicts. I love creating protagonists and secondary characters to move the plots of the individual stories and series forward, as well as having the chance to really watch the characters grow.

The first book in the Shop Girl series (A Shop Girl In Bath) focuses on the challenges women faced if they had career ambitions in the early 20th century. The second book (all can be read stand alone), A Shop Girl Gets The Vote, is set against the backdrop of women’s suffrage around the time the campaigning neared fever pitch. The third book, A Shop Girl's Christmas is about divorce and the last instalment, A Shop Girl At Sea is partially set on the Titanic and about women taking risks, both personally and professionally.

I have so much passion for women’s freedom and progression, the strength and sacrifices of those who stood before us made this series such a blessing to write. I really hope my passion for female empowerment—not to mention my belief in true love—comes across in the books and readers enjoy my characters' journeys as much as I do.

Happy Reading!

All four books can be downloaded in one easy click on Amazon - what are you waiting for?

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