How I Write My Novels...

Hmm, this is quite the title, isn't it?? 

There is no easy way to write a novel so let me get that out there before I share my process, haha! 

There is also no 'right' way. If you are just starting out on your writing journey, I mean for this blog post to help and inspire rather than lay anything down in stone. You will find your own process as long as you actually WRITE! 

 Okay, so what is my process? It's basically a five-step method that has worked for me for the last fifteen or more novels I have written... Let's go from the assumption that you have a vague setting, plot and main character in mind (notice I said VAGUE!) 

Step 1 

Trawl the internet looking for pictures of my setting, hero, heroine and villain (if I have one) - this kickstart is essential for me as I am a very visual writer and I need to be able to 'see' the place and people I am writing about. 

Step 2 

Complete Character Sketches for hero, heroine and villain - this is the biggest part of getting my main characters straight in my imagination and also understanding their Goal, Motivation and Conflict. This is at the heart of your creativity, the reason you are writing the story. What do your characters want? Why? And what is stopping them (internally) from getting it? I ask my characters as many questions as it takes to get the answers to these questions. 

Step 3 

Write a chapter plan - this is vital for a plotter like me but you might choose to skip this step if you are more of an intuitive or pantser (write by the seat of your pants) type writer. I write a very brief paragraph for each chapter of the book to start off on the right track... although more often than not, at some stage, the plan starts to veer off course. 

Step 4 

Write a 2-3 page synopsis using the pivotal chapters from my chapter plan 

Step 5 

Write the first draft from start to finish without looking back - I have found this is the best way for me to acheive optimum productivity and enthusiasm. The hard work comes in the following drafts! 

And there you go! That is my process for writing a novel - now it's over to you. 

Post your questions and comments - I'd love to help with your writing if I can or maybe you'd like to sign up for my First Chapter Critique service and I can work with you to polish that all-important first chapter!
 Happy Writing! 

Rachel x

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