Escape with an Historical Novel...

For millions of book lovers all over the world, novels provide a vehicle of escape from the chaos or mundanity of day to day life. They are a comfort, companion and trusted friend in times of upset and stress. They are a constant source of knowledge, entertainment and reaffirmation that all can be well in the world.

Well, maybe the last firmly belongs to the romance genre…or even some crime fiction if you consider the perpetrator is usually caught and justly punished.

However, for me, there is something extra to be discovered between the pages of a historical novel over the contemporary – even if I do love both!

When I sit down to read a historical novel, I have almost always read the blurb and know the period I am about to enter into and explore. Many history lovers have their preferred eras but, as mine is vast, I am happy to indulge in medieval, Tudor, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods.

There is a real escapism in discovering the culture, both religious and societal, the foods that were eaten, the entertainment, the level of crime and the buildings of these times. As an author of historical fiction, I put all I can into conveying atmosphere along with the habits and rituals of the people. 
These things are equally as important to me as the story itself.

As I write stories that contain a strong romantic element, the emotion of the characters plays the major role but that does not mean I skip on the background. Research is paramount when I start a novel and continues throughout the writing and editing. As I am committed to delivering the best escapism possible in my work, I always appreciate the same in historical novels of others, too.

Money can be tight for all of us from time to time, but as books can often be bought for as little as 99p/$1 these days, I feel that almost everyone can afford at least one monthly treat of purchasing a book. What else can provide such escapism in an uncertain world than to be transported to a wholly different world?

I believe historical novels and all the joy and relief they give are here to stay and I, for one, am eternally grateful!

Happy Reading!

My latest series is the Ladies of Carson Street set in the backstreets of Victorian Bath - why not escape and spend some time with Louisa, Nancy & Octavia?

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