What Am I Working On Right Now??


It's been awhile since I shared anything about my latest writing project but as book 1 is done and out in the big wide world looking for a publisher, I thought I'd share a little bit about what I hope will be my next series.

At the moment, I am calling this my Royal Series and have currently planned for it to consist of three books but, if it does well, then I think I could easily write five. Each book will be set in a different court of past British royalty starting with Queen Victoria.

The real life events and people are really background with the two unknown and entirely fictional heroes and heroines taking centre stage. I would say these books are more historical fiction than historical romance but never fear there will be plenty of romance amongst the drama and intrigue!

With book 1 out on submission, I really, really hope to have some good news to share soon - wish me luck...

Rachel x

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