What Does My Writing Day Look Like?

I am often asked by aspiring and published writers what my writing or working day looks like - the main point to note is that I am lucky enough to be able to write full-time which is impossible for MANY writers. As it would be for me if it wasn't for my incredibly supportive (and long-suffering!) husband.

From Monday to Friday I aim to be at my desk by 8.30am and start every morning by scheduling the day's social media posts, checking and answering emails. After that, if I have any critiques due for my First Chapter Critique service (https://rachelbrimble.com/first-chapter-critique-service/) or, indeed, a critique for one or both of my critique partners, I will tackle at least one of them and return it.

That usually takes me up to 10.30am when I take a break by taking the dog out for his morning walk - but this time isn't wasted either! I am usually plotting, listening to some kind of mindset/personal development podcast or reading on my kindle (seriously!).

Then it's back to my desk - this is when my day's writing starts. I always go back through the previous day's work and tweak/delete and change as required before diving in for that particular day's wordage! I work until 1.30pm, take 3/4 hour or so for lunch and then write until 5.30pm - most of the time my husband does the afternoon dog walk but if he can't, I will fit that in somewhere, too!

So, there you have it - that's my writing day. My daily word goal is around 2,000 words which I am more than happy with - it's often acheivable and makes me feel accomplished :)

Questions? Comments?

Rachel x

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  1. Sounds a pretty full day to me! Always interested to hear how other writers organise their time, you seem to have it down to a fine art