Do I have a favourite Shop Girls Book?


This is a question I am asked over and over again and the honest answer is... No, haha!

Why? Because they are all special to me for different reasons. In fact, the entire series is absolutely one of the favourites I have ever written.

The series started when strong, business-minded Elizabeth Pennington burst into my imagination and I started asking 'what if?'. She is forward-thinking, older than her years and desperate to be successful in a man's world. My kind of woman! Soon, Elizabeth took over and I wrote her story, A SHOP GIRL IN BATH in less than 5 months from plotting to final draft. A record for me!

With book 1 done and sold along with a contract for three more, the Shop Girls series was born. 

Next was coming up with ideas for the following books - I was already warming to the theme of female empowerment so I started each book deciding on a women's issue from the early 20th century. Therefore, I chose women's suffrage for A SHOP GIRL GETS THE VOTE, divorce and its consequences for women in A SHOP GIRL'S CHRISTMAS and finally, women taking independent risks and travel for A SHOP GIRL AT SEA.

The reason I cannot name a favourite book is because the theme of female empowerment is so close to my heart that every heroine (and their heroes!) are a vessel for me to live my best life. Elizabeth, Esther (book 2), Cornelia (book 3) and Amelia (book 4) are my true inspiration and their journeys live on in my memory and imagination. I hope they will in yours, too...

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