Why A Critique Service??


Since I opened my First Chapter Critique service is 2019, I have had several fellow romance authors ask me 1) Why I started the service? and 2) How I find the time when I write at least two novels a year?

So, I thought I'd answer both these questions for YOU, my potential client - the person who is doubting whether they have what it takes to write a novel (you do!) or whether my service is worth the money (I'm biased but I can confidently say it is!).

Why I started the service...

Way back in 2005, I had a now or never moment - both my young daughters were at school full-time and I had to decide whether to go back out into the working world OR put all my energy into my long-held dream of becoming a writer.

After a short talk with my husband and a LONG talk with myself, I decided on the writing dream - with no idea if I could even write. But I signed up for online courses, day courses and every other course I could afford and started to learn my craft. 

I can honestly say without the help and support of the many published writers who had come along with me on my journey, I would not have 25 + published novels to my name and I certainly would not have been happy and willing to pass on what I have learned to others all these years later!

But that is what I am doing and what I LOVE doing - if you sign up for my service, I promise I am as committed to getting you published as you are. Once my critique is done and returned to you - I will not disappear. You can email anytime thereafter with your questions and I will do my best to help... always!

How I find the time when I write at least two novels a year?

I find the time to run this service because it is important to me - as important as my novel writing. I have found coming from a place of service gives me as much happiness and fulfillment as my novels... sometimes more!

Knowing that I have made one person believe they have the potential to be a published author, to take that leap and submit to an agent or editor or even just finish the book they have started would have been amazing! Yet, since I've started this service, I have had helped at least forty aspiring writers do just that.

Which makes me unbelievably happy and proud...

So, what are you waiting for? Why not sign up today? If you have any questions, feel free to email me at rachelbrimble@googlemail.com with the heading Critique Service.


I look forward to working with you!

Rachel x

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