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It’s been a kind of an escape this past year immersing myself in England’s romantic Regency age, something I’ve been doing for a while now but in these times a reassuring bolt hole.


The Reluctant Bride has been out in the big wide world for a couple of weeks now and is finding its way in similar fashion to our determined heroine. For all the glamour of the age (and that was just in the top fringes of society) it wasn’t so easy if you were born a girl. Charlotte, the elder of two sisters, is obliged to obey her father and marry a man some years her senior. With no choice, she decides to make the best of things, but everything changes when her husband, the Earl of Cranleigh, is killed in a riding accident only six weeks after the wedding. Free of her tyrannical father and released from a loveless marriage, Charlotte takes her destiny into her own hands insofar as the times will permit. Resolved never again to marry where she does not love, she forges her way in a man’s world.


Our countess enjoys the freedom her status has given her but when it seems her sister is about to marry she realises she will be alone once more. Is that what she really wants? One of her suitors is arrogant – insufferable is the word she uses – and she feels uncomfortable in the presence of another. Will she continue to embrace her single state or will someone win her heart and hand?


The Reluctant Bride


Forced by her overbearing and impecunious father into matrimony with Ernest, Earl of Cranleigh, twenty-year-old Charlotte Willoughby is widowed six weeks after the wedding.

She must resign herself to a year of mourning that she does not feel but, as its end approaches, Charlotte is ready to go out into the world again.

She is joined by her aunt, Esther Meredith, who has stood as mother to her since childhood. Not long after her sister, Harriet Willoughby, also comes to London and both soon have suitors of their own.

With her fortune under the protection of Ernest’s cousin, Sebastian, Duke of Gresham, Charlotte begins to enjoy her independence.

She finds herself strangely drawn to Gresham, but he seems cold and indifferent towards her.

And when the charismatic Viscount Roxburgh starts to pay her attention, she realises she may not be able to remain unattached for long…

Are Charlotte’s suitors only after her inheritance? Could Roxburgh – or Gresham – be a match for her?


The Reluctant Bride is a historical romantic tale set in Regency England. This coming-of-age novel has a strong female lead and a love story at its heart.


About Natalie


A late starter, Natalie has embraced her career with an enthusiasm which she suspects emanates from a desire to make up for lost time. With four published novels and over forty short stories appearing in magazines internationally, she has never lost her ambition to succeed, always ready to attend workshops and conferences as a way of improving her skills. Natalie has now signed a four book contract for her Regency romance novels with Sapere Books, the first of which was published on 6th April 2021.

She lives with her husband on the London/Kent border and considers herself lucky to have the best of both worlds, with the delights of the capital close at hand and the peace and tranquillity of the countryside a mere stone’s throw away.

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