Survival and Success with the Ladies of Carson Street...


Each time I start thinking about a new book or series, one of the first things I have to determine is the theme - what message do I want readers to think about as they read?

Once I had decided to embark on a series about three prostitutes in the Victorian city of Bath, the theme was clear - Survival, where they are at the beginning and Success, where I want them to be by the end of the series.

I was so excited to get started with these women's journeys!

Book 1, A Widow's Vow, is Louisa's story and this is the book that not only shows Louisa's journey but also sets up the tone and theme for the following two books. Having endured circumstances beyond her control, Louisa Hill is forced to leave her hometown of Bristol and start a new chapter in Bath. She has been left a house she had no idea existed by her now dead husband so she and her best friend Nancy move to Bath and that is where their adventure begins...

Book 2, Trouble For The Leading Lady is Nancy's story and is about believing in your dreams no matter how many obstacles life has thrown at you. Strong, determined and an all-round good time girl, Nancy Bloom is one of my favourite heroines ever! This is a story about self-belief, survival and opening your mind to everything and everyone who comes your way...

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A Widow's Vow



Trouble For The Leading Lady



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