Start Work On Your Writing Dreams!

 When I started writing towards publication in 2005, all that mattered to me was having a single novel published - that happened in 2007...

Not for a moment did I imagine I'd still be starting my twenty-ninth novel fourteen years later - but that is exactly what I am doing!

Writing starts with one word, then a sentence, then a paragraph, on and on you keep pushing, dreaming and imagining until you have a completed the first draft of a novel. This might take you 5 years, 2 years or even as quickly as 6 months. Who knows until you start?

When I opened my First Chapter Critique service last year, I had no idea if a single aspiring romance or women's fiction writer would sign up...but they did in more numbers than I ever allowed myself to imagine! I absolutely LOVE helping other writers work towards their dreams of publication and will keep this service running and more (I plan to write an online course as some point!) for as long as YOU need me!

Why not sign up today and make 2021 the year you are published??

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