IT'S SAGA SATURDAY!! Introducing the Ration Book series by Jean Fullerton...


As I don't have a Saga Saturday guest this week, I thought I'd highlight one of my favourite saga series!

The Ration Book series by Jean Fullerton is set in London's Eastend amidst the fears, loss and bravery of WWII as well as pulling us into the trials and tribulations of the Brogan family. Although the Brogans are at the books' centre, the surrounding goings-on of their neighbours and the community adds a beautiful dose of colour and fun to a wonderful series.

The books are predominately about family and community spirit, but it is the warmth, humour and strength of the characters that will keep you coming back for more. I have read every book in the series so far and will be posting my review for the next instalment, A Ration Book Daughter, coming in May.

If you are looking for a new saga series to lose yourself in during these current times, I cannot recommend Jean Fullerton's Ration Book series enough!

Here is the link for the first four books - available with one easy click for less than £10/$15!!



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