You asked and I listened!


A few months ago, I posted on my Facebook page asking if you would like me to write some more contemporary stories after several years of being entirely committed to historical.

The answer was a resounding YES!!

So...I got to work and worked out a brand new contemporary romance series which is currently under consideration with one of my favourite publishers, yay!

The books will be set in New York and feature three British born sisters who were taken to the States by their father as children. Book 1 is Lauren's story and it follows her as she battles her pull to return to England as her love for the country has never faltered which shows in the pride of her English Vintage store in Manhattan.

So far, I am LOVING working on something contemporary again and really hope you are as excited for its acceptance with a publisher as I am - I promise you, my lovely and loyal readers, will be the first to know the moment I receive that email!

In the meantime, why don't you tell me some of your favourite contemporary romance series?? I have SO many but the author I always return to when I need a good fix is Nora Roberts...right now I am reading the third book in her Gallaghers of Ardmore trilogy, Heart of the Sea - so good!

Happy Reading,

Rachel x

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