It's National Working Parents Day!

There are millions of working parents all over the world who know that finding the balance both mentally and physically to be okay with yourself and your kids is HARD! I grew up with two working parents, Dad often working away as a welder/joiner and my mum always working part time (even for a short spell as a dinner lady as my secondary school!). As limited as our finances often were, I felt incredibly loved as I was growing up and was lucky enough to always have my mum there when I got home from school. A lot of children are not this fortunate BUT that is not for want and wish from their parents. Being a working parent is a constant battle of provision versus guilt or ambition versus fear of missing out with our children - HARD!!
Once I became pregnant with our eldest daughter, my husband and I made the decision that I would stay at home - yes, we knew things would be hard and we would go without a LOT but somehow we made it work and I was a full time stay at home mum until I started writing when our youngest started school. Since then, I have written at least two books a year, wrote articles and basically spent many, many hours cocooned in my office. Yes, I'm home if the kids need me, but sincerely believe the guilt and agitation I feel at trying to do my best is no different than those parents who work out of the home. So today is our day! If you're a working parent doing your best to be everything to everyone, give yourself a hug - you're doing GREAT!! Rachel x

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