IT'S SAGA SATURDAY!! Please welcome Aria saga author, Elaine Roberts...

I’m often asked where I get my ideas from, as I expect do most authors. Mine can be something I’ve come across in my research; the munitions factory explosion in The Foyles Bookshop Girls At War was exactly that. It could also be an event or something I’m interested in that’s happening now; it might even be a conversation I’ve had that has sparked something. The idea then has to permeate with my setting. The West End Girls is based in 1914 London. 

In 1914 most women didn’t have a voice, that’s what the suffragettes were fighting for when the Great War started. The country was also under threat of a general strike but when war was declared it all stopped so the country could pull together. It was only after the war had finished it was recognised that women had played a large role in keeping the country going.

In The West End Girls the main character, Annie, had a dream she had held close since she was a child, but her father had other ideas for her future. She was soon to learn there was a cost to having ideas of living the life she wanted, and not doing what her family expected of her. When she felt it was out of her reach her best friend, Rose, stood side by side with her, encouraging her to move forward. Annie was fearful but couldn’t ignore what was eating away at her so they left their village and got on a train to London but she soon discovered nothing comes for free.

Thank you, Rachel, for allowing me to be a guest on your wonderful Saga Saturday blog.

 Book Blurb

Growing up on a farm in the country, Annie Cradwell has always dreamt of singing on stage. So when she hears her friend Joyce has a room to spare in London, she sets off with best friend Rose for an adventure beyond anything they could have imagined. 
In London, Annie and Rose stumble into jobs at the Lyceum Theatre. Being a dresser to capricious star Kitty Smythe wasn't exactly what Annie had in mind. But then the musical director, Matthew Harris, offers her singing lessons. And Annie starts to wonder – could this be her chance? Or is it all too good to be true? 
With the threat of war in the air, everything is uncertain. Is there a place for hopes and dreams when so much is at stake? 
Annie, Rose and Joyce are three girls with very different dreams – but the same great friendship.

Author Bio

Elaine Roberts had a dream to write for a living. She completed her first novel in her twenties and received her first very nice rejection. Life then got in the way again until she picked it up again in 2010. She joined a creative writing class, The Write Place, in 2012 and shortly afterwards had her first short story published. Elaine is very proud of The Foyles Bookshop Girls saga trilogy, which her late husband encouraged her to write. She, and her extended family, live in and around Dartford, Kent and her home is always busy with children, grandchildren, grand dogs and cats visiting.

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