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About me

My debut novel, The Girl from the Workhouse was published on 18th February 2020 by Hera Books, a digital first publisher and is available as an ebook. I didn’t set out to write a saga – my novel started life as a short story that gradually became longer because my characters all had plenty to say. The story was inspired by my Grandma and, over the years, it morphed into a novel. It was a story I had to finish and am excited that one of the characters will pick up the reins for Book 2 (as yet untitled).

I am very interested in how the lives of the people back home were affected by the Great war and I delved into contemporary newspapers to discover what news people were told and I looked for snippets of interest that add authenticity to the story. For instance – when Ginnie and Connie go to the Burslem Picture House in 1918, the film they watch ‘A Pottery Girl’s Romance,’ was actually showing on that very day. I also have a copy of the film, which was made locally.

I left school with no qualifications. With determination and hard work, I ended my career as a Human Resources Manager with a large County Council. Born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, I now live in Orkney with my husband and six cats.

The Girl from the Workhouse - Book Blurb

Staffordshire 1911. Ginnie Jones’s childhood is spent in the shadow of the famous Potteries where she lives with her parents and older sister, Mabel. Her father’s eyesight is failing, money is in short supply and, too often, their bellies are aching with hunger.

When all hope is lost, Ginnie is sent to Haddon Workhouse. Separated from everything she has known she has to grow up fast and earn her keep looking after children with no families of their own. She hopes that new friends Clara and Sam will be friends for life but, in Ginnie’s experience, good things are always followed by bad, and friends never stay. Sure enough, her new-found happiness is short-lived.

Three years later, Ginnie is sent to live with her now married sister and gets a job that nobody wants at Chamberlain’s Pottery, but her workhouse friends are always on her mind.
Sam, now a handsome young man, and Ginnie are reunited and the bond between them is as strong as ever – until Sam has to fight for his country in WW1. Will Ginnie’s heart be broken once again?

An emotional, uplifting and nostalgic family saga that will make you smile while tugging on your heartstrings.

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