IT'S SAGA SATURDAY!! Please welcome saga author, Emma Hornby...

My thanks to Rachel for having me, it’s lovely to be here.

I write gritty northern historicals for Transworld, Penguin Random House, and my fifth saga, A Daughter's Price, was published last week.

The idea for A Daughter’s Price actually came from a dream that my mum had. Although I had a ton of book ideas in my mind waiting patiently for me to give them life, I put them on the backburner immediately; I just knew I had to write this story.

Set against the backdrop of industrial Lancashire, it follows slum dweller Laura Cannock and her quest to forge a better life.

It was a pleasure to write - made more so by the fact that my mum had played a part in its creation, too. I’ve also discovered, during further research into my family history since writing the book, several coalmen in my own tree, which lends even more of a personal touch to it, I think.

I do hope readers enjoy Laura's journey!

She thought she was finally safe. But a roof over her head comes with a price to pay...
Laura Cannock is on the run. Suspected of killing her bullying husband, his family are on a merciless prowl for revenge. Fleeing from her beloved home of Bolton to Manchester, Laura seeks refuge with her coal merchant uncle. But her relief is short-lived as it soon becomes clear that a roof over her head comes with a price – of the type so unbearable she must escape once more.
Destitute and penniless, a stench-ridden housing court in the back streets of the factories is Laura’s only hope of a dwelling – a place where both the filth and the kindness of neighbours overwhelm. Here people stick together through the odds, leading Laura to true friendship, and possibly love. But with the threat of her past still hanging over her, there’s still one battle she must fight – and win – alone…

Out now in eBook and hardback. Paperback available from all good bookshops and supermarkets 14th May.

Mother-of-three Emma Hornby was born in Bolton on a tight-knit, working-class estate.

History has always been her passion and she grew up with her nose buried in sagas. Before pursuing a career as a novelist, she had a variety of jobs, from care assistant for the elderly to working in a Blackpool rock factory. She later wrote short stories and non-fiction pieces for the internet, print and stage and also worked as a freelance poet.

Emma began writing after researching her family history. The colourful folk she unearthed gave her plenty of inspiration; like the characters in her novels, many generations of her family eked out life amidst the squalor and poverty of Lancashire's slums.

Her first book, A Shilling for a Wife, was the bestselling debut saga novel of 2017. Her subsequent titles regularly appear in the official bestsellers' charts.

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