Gorgeous Edwardian Fashion!

Writing about an Edwardian department store has meant that I have had to immerse myself in the fashions of the era and, to be perfectly honest, doing so has been a pleasure! Ever since Kate Winslet walked onto the screen in the film Titanic wearing that fabulously glamorous white and navy outfit, I have been smitten with all things Edwardian!

It is a bygone era brought back to life by Titanic, Mr Selfridge and Downton Abbey and now we are more familiar with the hats, tailoring, parasols and neckties that we've been for many years. I have a LOT of research books gracing my shelves and one of my favourite things to do is peruse my books on Edwardian dress.

I think it is the women's silhouettes that I admire the most...even as I appreciate how uncomfortable the corsets etc would have been to wear. I think the sophistication and elegance is what inspires me to write female characters who give an outwardly appearance of poise and control, while inside their minds and lives are often in turmoil provoked by the societal restrictions and expectations of the age.

Do you agree? Do you have any favourite Edwardian outfits worn on screen?

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A SHOP GIRL AT SEA blurb & links:

Bath, 1912.
Amelia Wakefield loves working at Pennington's, Bath's finest department store. An escape from her traumatic past, it saved her life. So when Miss Pennington sets her a task to set sail on the Titanic and study the department stores of New York, she couldn't be more excited – or determined!
Frustrated with his life at home, Samuel Murphy longs for a few weeks of freedom and adventure. Meeting Amelia on board the Titanic, Samuel can't help wonder what painful history has made the beauty so reserved. But he already has too many responsibilities for love.
Ruby Taylor has always kept her Pennington co-workers at a distance. Making sure her little brother is safe has always been her priority. But when that means accepting Victoria Lark's offer of sanctuary, more than one of Ruby's secrets is under threat of being revealed...
A riveting and uplifting saga, perfect for fans of Elaine Everest and Fiona Ford.

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2Q1Ek7D

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