My Next Series Revealed...

I am over halfway through the first draft of book 1 in my next series - a trilogy set in Bath (of course), but this one centres around a Victorian brothel and the women working there.

The theme of the trilogy is survival and, although this series will be grittier and sexier than Pennington's, it will envelope what I hope has become a lynch pin found in all my books - struggle, family, female empowerment and everlasting love.

The first book opens with heroine, Louisa Hill, discovering her husband's secret life, his debts and the depth of his betrayal - but she also gains the deeds to a house in Bath. Travelling with her best friend, Louisa steps into her new home, knowing her life has to change if she is going to survive in a man's world. But she can't do that alone and needs protection - can she persuade boxer, Jacob Jackson to give up his career to become her right hand man?

I am LOVING writing this book and it feels liberating to leave Pennington's for a while and try something new - fingers crossed, you'll love this series as much as Pennington's!

Why don't I leave you with the pics that inspired Louisa and Jacob??

What do you think? Are you looking forward to my next offering?

Happy Reading!

Rachel x

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