3 Ways Writing Changed My Life...

I have wanted to write books since I was around the age of eight or nine - I would write stories and bind them with ribbon, often reading them to my friends...whether they liked it or not! Although I had been an avid reader from an early age, it was a long time before I realised writing could be a career but once I did, the dream of one day becoming a published author never waned.

Then, in 2005, my youngest daughter started school full time and I had a 'now or never' moment - I spoke to my husband and we agreed that I would have a year at home to write, if I had no success then it was back to the 9 to 5 outside of the home.

So I sat my butt in the chair and started...and 24 published books later, I haven't looked back. Here are the 3 ways writing changed my life:

1) I discovered who I really am - I am a writer and finally doing something that feels so natural, truly fulfilling and endlessly liberating.

2) I entered an online world of writers that I never knew existed and made friends who have remained with me for the last fourteen years. Friends with whom I meet regularly publicly as well as speaking with daily online. Not to mention the amazing critique partners I have been lucky enough to work with over the years - I have two that have worked with me on every novel for the last eight years which has been fabulous. I'd be lost without them!

3) Finally, writing has been my personal therapy - life is hard and filled with joys and sadness. Writing is cathartic and provides me with a outlet for everything I am feeling, whether good or bad. I use my characters to explore my own demons, wishes and dreams as well as writing a story that I hope will entertain and delight my readers.

I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else with my life than writing - whether it be books or articles, my career means the world to me and long may it continue!

Rachel x

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