Three places that inspired the Pennington's series...

For me, the writing process usually starts with setting - for other authors it can be a 'what if?' question, a character in their head, an experience or something they have overheard. Ideas are everywhere... if you know how to look for them!

As I live a short drive from the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, I tend to set my historical books here as I have easy access to it and it's become so familiar to me. Plus, it is steeped in history and was once a 'go to' place for the upper classes during the Season.

The Pennington's department store series was partially inspired by my love of Mr Selfridge and The Paradise, but what I really wanted to focus on was the difficulties and struggles of the women in the early 20th century. I started my research in a department store in Bath where they have the most wonderful real-life images of the shop in Edwardian times. I visited many times under the guise of browsing but was actually looking at the images and soaking up the atmosphere of my imagination.

I then walked to Royal Crescent which is as familiar to me these days as my own street! This amazing Georgian street has been used countless times in period TV adaptations and No 1 Royal Crescent is frozen in time giving me a fabulous source for immersing myself in the domestic life of times gone by.

Finally, I treated my daughters to afternoon tea at the glorious Pump Rooms - if you ever visit Bath, you must splurge the extra money to spend some time in this wonderful restaurant where you can relax while been serenaded by a string quartet. The decor is exquisite and very often the Pump Rooms feature in the Pennington's books.

Happy Reading!

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